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Electricity can be dangerous

Faults with your electrics can develop slowly over time or at very short notice, but almost always they happen at the least convenient of times or when you least expect it.

In our experience the most common faults relate to RCDs and MCBs in modern consumer units which can be very sensitive. These faults can be notoriously hard to locate without specialist knowledge, but we at Deakin Electrical (Solihull) Ltd pride ourselves on our fault finding abilities and use the latest testers to assist us in locating and rectifying your problem. All electrical work is undertaken by qualified electricians with fully equipped vans holding a variety of common spare parts.  We aim to complete your job in the shortest possible time, usually on the first visit. We do not charge a separate call out fee, however any diagnostic work is chargeable and no more than an hour's work is carried out without further discussion with yourselves.

You know it's time to call Deakin Electrical (Solihull) Ltd when:

  • your RCD or circuit breakers are tripping,
  • your lights are flickering,
  • switches or sockets feel warm to touch,
  • crackling noises or sparks coming from sockets or switches,
  • you can smell overheating cables (a fishy sort of smell).

Remember electricity can be dangerous, do not risk your own life or the safety of others by attempting DIY repairs. Call you local expert electrician, call Deakin Electrical (Solihull) Ltd now.

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